Since 1993

Silly Noises

Yep...bleeps, blorps, shazaams, blams and KaChings. As well as literally hundreds of pieces of music across many cultural idioms, from classical to funk, to ragtime etc. etc....ranging in length from ten seconds to five minutes in length.

After almost two decades, as composer in residence and sound designer for an  international gaming company, I supplied audio for casino products across some 39 countries.

It's not stretching the truth to say that somewhere on Earth, somebody is listening to something I wrote right now.

Prior to this I was a self employed side man, session musician, audio engineer, and dreamer... some of the people I've worked alongside might be household names, most were not....all were capable, worthy and believed in whatever dream we were pursuing at that time.

This site is basically a vanity site right now....it exists to "hold place"; in time I will drop some pieces of music that have no home elsewhere...pieces that simply celebrate the love of crafting them.






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